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Amber is the color of your energy

May 25, 2016

Day 3 at the Oakcliff OBR program focused on photography. After screening our Day 2 video projects, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s Matt Knighton and Team Alvimedica’s Amory Ross sifted through their library of Volvo Ocean Race images to school us on how to get the best onboard action shots. More than that, they went “show & tell” with their full range of camera equipment and spoke in great detail about their onboard experiences during the VOR.

OBRs … Mount Up!

The class was tasked with a photo project for the evening: shoot onboard Oakcliff’s Swedish Match-40s during their “Wet Wednesday” fleet races and submit five to 10 images that shared a common theme.

Wind was in ample supply this time and six of the Match-40s and a PHRF class zipped around the race course — part of which weaved between and around moored boats.

By the end of racing the sun had drooped into the haze above the horizon and cast an amber glow over the bay like sunlight through a thin motel shade. Of the 200 photos I shot that evening, eight stood out from this Oyster Bay “amber hour.” Including the lead image above, the others follow.

5/26 UPDATE: All positive feedback on the images from Knighton during our in-class critique. Oakcliff even featured the images in their daily e-newsletter to supporters. 








The onboard reporter job can be a shitty one.

-Two-time round the world Volvo OBR Amory Ross with an inspiring icebreaker

Amory Ross

May 24, 2016